Singer: Patrick James Stiles
Singer: Patrick James Stiles [© Bonnie & the Bang Bang via Facebook]
Starting a band is always challenging. As well as finding members with the same attitude and passion. But when it comes to finding a band name things may really start to become tough.

I don´t know if it was tough too when Singer Patrick Stiles formed his band and if he argued with his band mates about names and brand recognitions..but now it´s a fact that the story of „Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow“ was a role model…somehow! They were partners in crime!

But did that make Patrick become a „lyrical gangster“? Not necessarily…it is just „two sides of the same coin“: the soft and the hard interacting…musically!

2011 the band „Bonnie & Bang Bang“ was formed and Patricks band mates today are: Jake Dineen – banjo / guitar // Joe Warren – guitarist // Robby Cronholm – bassist // Michael Pettett – drums

Just a year later in 2012 a first 6-track EP „Ode to Darkness“ was released and BBB showed the softer side of the coin with indie-folk, bluegrass, blues, country sounds and some darker lyrics about things happening underneath the surface. Things we are all aware of but rather be left unsaid. ‚Simple Ships‘ is a good example for that („I am the darkness, that hides inside the heart of men. You are the weakness, that walks beside me…“) making you reflect while it makes you shuffle and stamp your feet simultaneously!

Another track off that EP is In-Betweens that works fine Live in clubs and when you´re into folk and banjo tunes…and as you can see in the video the band is touring the west coast seizing every opportunity to showcase their music. „There´s no such thing as a free lunch“ some say, especially when you´re an ambitious indie artist! That´s why they make sure that they are on the road and in front of an audience no matter where and as often as possible.

In 2013 they felt it was time to release a full lenght LP containing some „Ode to Darkness“ tracks + some new ones. The name of the LP was „The dark dream“ and it´s no surprise what most of the songs deal with. One difference was that there were rockers like ‚Car crash‘ or ‚Give it a go‘.

I was irritated and amazed the same way when I listened to ‚Medicine Man that is more dark-folk but I realized how similar the voice of Patrick is (or can be) to Noel Gallagher´s voice when he sings the higher notes. It´s just my view but listen to „Oasis Unplugged“ and compare…

I really appreciate that though being on tour all the time and working hard on their forthcoming Album (that will be out soon and is called „Distance„) Patrick took some time to for a Q&A. He responded with some interesting answers which you can read here:

>>> Q&A with Patrick James Stiles from Bonnie & the Bang Bang for Kennzeichen E <<<

The first time I noticed the band and their great music was when the Randm Record label posted some new tunes on Soundcloud this summer. One of them was the first track of their hand-picked „Lost Ark Studio Compilation series“. The exclusive song was called ‚You are rebellious and ungrateful of my love‚. In the first moment I thought: „Wow..what a song that takes you more time to say than the duration of some other songs“. But luckily I listened to it and I was immediately delighted by this mellow and haunting tune. Especially the fine, melodic guitar work makes you lean back and enjoy every second! It was also a highlight track on my Soundcheck (Vol. 22) from September 2014.

‚You are rebellious and ungrateful of my Heart‘

After that contribution to Randm Records they released 2 other tracks that show their heavy-guitar postpunk side. There is ‚It´s a think piece‚ that is inspired by a film-dialogue starring the late Philipp Seymour Hoffman and the indie-rocker ‚Every new Love‚. Both will surely appear on their new LP „Distance“.

People in the Bay Area of California are lucky to see them live for their final show in 2014:

The other ones waiting for some new tunes and the new Album „Distance“ should (at least)

The Dark Dreamlisten to their 2013 Album „The Dark Dream

and other great tracks on BBB´s Soundcloud.

And of course get in touch with the band on

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


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