Bright Light Bright Light

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Bright Light Bright Light (Rod Thomas)

If someone asks you to name Welsh artists/musicians I guess you have to think about it a bit longer. And after I while you remind Tom Jones…maybe. Some of you may think of the Manic Street Preachers and if you´re into 80ies finest Pop you will name Scritty Politti. To be honest it´s a hell of a list though Wales is not known as Britains Centre of Pop Music.

In 2006 this list had to be widened when a Welsh Guy named Rod Thomas went to London to start a career with Folk Music in mind and an acoustic guitar on his back. But things turned out a bit more different. Having his own record label then he started writing music. Pop Music!

Influenced by Artist like Kate Bush or Pet Shop Boys this move seemed to be the right one. As a result of this he produced some very fine tunes like the one you can listen to here:

Rod Thomas – Good Coat.

It was taken off his first so called Mini Album from 2009: „Until Something fits„.

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Rod Thomas Until Something Fits (2009/2015)

But things didn´t fit into his way of thinking. Though winning fame for his songwriting, remixing skills and catchy tunes he decided to change his stage name from Rod Thomas into Bright Light Bright Light. Ok, not to be easily confused with e.g. Rob Thomas (Machbox 20) this makes sense. But what would US Singer Ryan Adams think about that when people easily confuse him with Bryan Adams?

Make an educated Guess! where Rod found a stage name that would possible make him become an international PopStar. A „dark hint“ can be found here!

2012 was the year where the english music scene recognized the first Album of Rod under his new moniker „Bright Light Bright Light“ and people started to like it.  ‚Moves‘ was a perfect single to demonstrate his ability to produce catchy dance pop songs and of course his voice is an earcatcher!

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Make me believe in Hope (2012)


Funnily the first moment that I recognized Rod was when I was into Duran Duran and their 2011 Album „All you need is now“ with Ana Matronic on guest vocals. Of course I listened to a number of Scissor Sisters songs before (including the Bryan Ferry collaboration on ‚Heartache by Numbers‘) but I wanted to dig a bit deeper into their work and so I stumbled upon a track that always was one of my favorite tracks of the 80ies. Originally sung by the Pet Shop Boys: ‚West End Girls‚. It made me check my digital record collection in order to listen to it but I realized that this track was missing. So I returned to BLBL´s version and it grew on me within minutes! Finally this track is responsible for this Feature!

Bright Lightx2 – West End Girls (feat. Ana Matronic)

After that it was clear that I wanted to get in touch with Rod to invite him being part of my „Features“ Series and to my surprise he didn´t forget about that invitation! What a nice touch from a nice guy!

So here you can read a bit what he´s thinking about being a musician these days:    Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light) Q & A for Kennzeichen E

2014 became another turning point, a boost, when he released his 2. Album „Life Is Easy“ containing the Single ‘I Wish We Were Leaving’ with none other than Sir Elton John contributing Guest-Vocals and played Piano. After that Elton offered Rod to be the Opening Act on his European Tour which shows how delighted Elton John was. And of course it can be seen as a compliment of the highest order when it comes to Elton John sometimes being critical with other musicians and Pop Music in general.

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Life is Easy (2014)

2015 Rod released another single, the great track ‚Good Luck‚ and once again he teamed up with Scissor Sisters Ana Matronic on vocals and together they made a cool Video which you can enjoy here.

And it seems that BLBL established himself into Dance/Synth-Pop, Disco, Club scene in Europe and the U.S. with a fanbase that couldn´t be more loyal. Fans that listen to artist from different ages: From Abba, Pet Shop Boys, to contemporary iconic Bands like Scissor Sisters to name a few.


So you don´t have to be visionary to say that the future for Rod seems to be…..BRIGHT!


Check out the Rod Thomas / Bright Light Bright Light Bandcamp Site

Rod Thomas Until Something fits

© Cover artwork designed by Martipants

and listen to his Mini Album „Until something fits

written 2009 and officially released 29/01/2015.

On Soundcloud you can listen to other

BrightLightx2 tracks.

And don´t miss the latest BLBL news via

Website | Facebook | Twitter


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