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Sadot White // Elijah Amant (Drull)

„What the f*** is a Drull?“ That´s the question you can find on their Soundcloud page. And it´s a fair question!

Drull in my view is not a Band literally. Maybe you can call it an „off and on“ Project regarding they´re a couple of years around only releasing a handful of tracks. With a musical range from Sadot Whites´ more urban Hip-Hop Background and Elijah Amant on the production side of fine electronic/ambient pop they´re able to cross boundaries. And with no company breathing down their neck when it comes to releasing music they allow themselves to do it!

Elijah mainly runs „Thrift Soul Music“ as an Artist Management Label and is also the driving force behind Drull. Though there are just a few tracks and all of them are stylistically different what you can hear showcases writing and production strength when both Elijah and Sadot team up!

That´s why I wanted to know a bit more about Drull, the people behind and their thoughts about business and making music. I´m very thankful that they took some time for a short but detailed:

>>> Kennzeichen E Q&A with DRULL <<<

Clever guys…absolutely worth reading!

But now let´s get down a bit to the nitty-gritty: Drull Music!

A couple of months back I was looking for one or two new tracks for my Soundcheck which isn´t that easy these days. Watching videos is one way…it may help but not necessarily. And so I tend to check Soundcloud and Indie Music Blogs where i saw a video still with a woman´s back sitting on a boat and it looked like „Summer“! Probably i was fed up with „bad weather“ and that made me instantly watch it. Ok, the plot was „simple“: nice sunny sceneries with two girls obviously being in love and heading towards each other…you can guess the rest.

But the best thing about it was the track itself that made me (to some extend) think of canadian indie pop formation Austra (the fantastic ‚Beat and the Pulse‘) because of the ambient sound and electronic pop beats. The difference here is that Katie Stelmanis is not singing it. I don´t know the name of the female Singer but unlike Stelmanis would do she sings it less cool and distant. She did a great job with:


It´s a bit of a shame that I somehow forgot to dig deeper into Drull. Something that i usually do, or maybe I did but didn´t get enough information about them. I thought that ‚Persona‚ should be on one of my Soundchecks but it´s nowhere to be found. Anyway, I happily followed them on Soundcloud and last month there was another tune on my Stream that was called ‚Sun & Soil‚ by Drull. Of course i pressed ‚play‘ and a wonderful [instrumental] track caught my ears. Great guitar work that is gloomy, creating a pondering silence makes you lean back but has a warm and optimistic feel, the same way.

Sun & Soil

Of course it made me cling to it and this time the track appears on my current September playlist Soundcheck (Vol. 22).

But in the end it was a bit sad that tracks e.g. ‚Persona‚ were noticed here in Germany and received generally fave reviews but nothing happened afterwards..at least for a while. When I talked to Drull via Twitter I called it a „lost momentum“ when there are fans probably waiting in vain for new music or a normally logical release of an album.

The good news is that meanwhile there are lots of things going on and of course new music is in the making. It´ll take a bit but good things are worth waiting for. In this case people should place this message on hold:

Too much of a good thing turns to bad but having less can make you want more…more Drull, please!

For further information about Drull go to: Drull (Thrift Soul Music)

Website (ThriftSoulMusic)

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