Lead vocals; Guitar – Jordan Davis

Kingsfoil was formed in 2002 by Singer Jordan Davis and Tristan Martin playing Guitar and Keys. In 2007 Tim Warren joined them playing Bass Guitar and the same year Joe Cipollini started playing the drums for KF but was replaced by Frankie Muniz [Known as starring in „Malcolm in the Middle“ (in Germany:“Malcolm mittendrin“)] in 2012.

Ironically Cipollini stayed with the band more than twice as long as Muniz did but with him Kingsfoil aroused greater public interest. It was a perfect match and seemed to be a far cry from saying that „another actor trying to make it in the music business“. They were looking for a drummer and Muniz contributed his remarkable groove. From then on they were well-provided with everything a bands needs to succeed; with some great tunes, a great live performance and a lead singer (Jordan) being able to sing the more guitar-driven rock tracks as well as singing the high (falsetto) notes on soulful/mellow ones.

And it´s a proven fact that Kingsfoil is wound-healing…at least in one of the fantasy books written by J.R.R Tolkien from which they took their name [which indeed is not a proven fact, but sounds good :-)].

I asked the band for a few statements and Tristan + Jordan kindly took some time. You can read some interesting things e.g. about Jordan, who keeps you guessing with one of his answers whether he 1) likes mixed milk drinks (hmm…) 2) is wearing woman´s clothing during leisure time in order to hook up with men or 3) just enjoys listening to a certain song (maybe this one?)

>>> Jordan Davis // Tristan Martin (Kingsfoil) Q&A for Kennzeichen E  <<<

Though being in business for a dacade Grapevine Valentine [from the 2012 Album „A beating Heart is a bleeding Heart„] was the first tune that I became aware of in 2013 but I was instantly hooked. The clever vocal arrangement combined with the very skillful rhythm patterns made this one a highlight track that I listened to over and over again. While compiling tracks for my Soundcheck (Vol. 14) it was clear to me that the song would become a part of it!


They also shot another stylish Video for the catchy/uptempo track: ‚What your Mother taught you

Here they´re performing an energetic acoustic version of ‚What your Mother tought you‘ (acoustic) [Grooveshark Session] which was taken from the 2013/2014 Brave Love EP containing Acoustic Versions and some new Tracks. Another earcatcher you should definitely give a listen to is the impressive title track: Brave Love.

2014 saw the band confronted with both good and bad things happening: the fact that Muniz decided to leave the band was a crucial one in my view, because I thought people who got in touch with the band because of Frankie being part of it, probably now turn their back on Kingsfoil. You´ve seen it „zillions of times“ that when bands losing 25% of their members they´re losing up to 25% of their (disappointed) fans. Fans who identify with the music in the first place but of course have their band favorites as well….Frankie and the other guys commented the split („slightly“ different):

Fortunately there was not much time to worry because there were of a lot of shows and packed venues ahead.

But this forced the band to go on with a new line-up: a new Drummer and Guitarist then turned Kingsfoil into a 5 piece band for the first time (back in the days they started as a duo)! „Fun“-fact: it didn´t last that long – just after a few months -in August- fans were left with irritation that some of the remaining concerts had to be cancelled. But they were soon told via Facebook Post that the new members had to leave band: because of scheduling conflicts. Didn´t they hear that before?

„A beating heart is a bleeding heart“ to quote a Kingsfoil Song as saying…especially when it comes to fandom. But as you can see the heart of a faithful fan can mend easily: 

The antidote for (fan) sorrow is GOOD MUSIC and in this case I strongly recommend some of Pennsylvania´s finest: tailor-made for all who love well designed cool Indie Rock/Pop tunes and also for all the people who always wanted to warm up to some more suit-able things like this !

There are many great bands out there and hopefully now there´s another one on your list! If so, just „do as you´re told“

Because it´s always important to support bands and buy (!) their music..not necessarily but a good new drummer needs to be paid…

Brave Love EPYou can listen to „Brave Love EP“ + more great tracks first

and while doing that:

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