Nikki Jumper

Singer: Nikki Jumper

Singer: Nikki Jumper

Nikki Jumper is a young, canadian, cat-loving, electro-punk-rocking, always tired, food and fashion loving, teasing, „cheeky“ WILD Child. I could go on and tell a lot more but there´s one person who can do it a lot better.

Please welcome Mrs Nikki Jumper:


But there´s a lot more to say about her…of course she´s a talented new artist and performer! When I first got in touch with her about a year and a half ago I checked her music but was a bit worried because her website was a „Construction Area“ and there were some vids that showcased her admiration for Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and The Doors she dedicated a song to.

Nikki Jumper The Doors

Nikki Jumper The Doors

I was curious but unfortunately there was no further sign of an EP or full length Album!

But she wouldn´t be Nikki if she wouldn´t Put on her Jump(er)-Suit

Within a few months she put herself into writing and producing mode, recorded tracks and finally finished with an impressing number of catchy, melodic electro/rock tracks. The name of a demo version of one track became the Title of her first self recorded and independant EP: „Sinful Youth„.

Nikki Jumper Sinful Youth EP

Nikki Jumper Sinful Youth EP

And in these days where a lot people including musicians, becoming powerful music entrepreneur, thinking about how to make a living being a musician she invited people becoming fans and getting a copy of her EP in return…for free! Simply just to have an audience that will listen to it, share it and spread the word. Just like the old way of „I heard it through the grapevine“.

Black Boots‚ was the first song that grew on me quickly and you don´t have to listen to it for days to be impressed by her vioce, the professional production and sound design.

Kudos to Nikki because she managed to build a fanbase not only in her Toronto Area. Her Social Media work and personal self-promotion made her become a social media sweetheart. Nikki is also a „Twitter Queen“ and is clever enough to know the importance of visibility!

Nikki Jumper (© Nikki Jumper Instagram)

As a result of it this lovely Fanmade Lyric Video of ‚Inhale‚ was created:

And of course I invited her to be part of my „Featured-Artists“ series to showcase new artists to watch out for. She took some time and told a bit in the fashion of Nikki Jumper: > Nikki Jumper Q&A for Kennzeichen E <

And while she´s working on a cover version of Ellie Goulding´s ‚Love me like you do‘ and collecting ideas for new songs and a possible new Album:

Do yourself a favor and walk the ‚Wild Roads‚ with her and ‚Inhale‚ the „Sinful Youth EP

Nikki Jumper sinful Youth EPDo it on Soundcloud and listen to the entire

Sinful Youth EP„.

Don´t miss any of her posts, tweets and news via

Facebook | Twitter | Website


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