Reptile Youth

Mads Kristiansen // Esben Valløe [© Peter Kaaden]

Danish Duo RY with Singer Mads Kristiansen and Bass Player Esben Valløe started making music in 2009 under the name of „Reptile & Retard“ which later turned into „Reptile Youth„. They soon became famous because of their energetic live shows and even people in China fell for them.

In 2012 their first -self titled- Studio Album was released which people generally liked but a weird fact was that some critics often complained about the lack of „live experience“ while listening to their tracks. It´s funny because obviously on one hand they liked the live feeling [for example the hypnotic 2012 live version of ‚Speeddance‚] but on the other hand they forget that it wasn´t a Live Album! By the way I usually don´t look for live feeling when I listen to Albums..I enjoy the the production, or arrangement of songs etc…but that´s another story.

Here you can see a brilliant student made motion graphic Video from a song off that Album called ‚Be my Yoko Ono‚.

Though both of them are touring across Europe and prepare some October shows in Denmark Mads took the time for some quick (and surprising „german“) responses:

>>> Mads Kristiansen (Reptile Youth) Q&A for Kennzeichen E <<<

But to be honest though they´re a well known for live shows and their „electronic dance punk“ the first time I bumped into Reptile Youth was when I listened to „Above“ a couple of months back. But other than some critics this track is cool and haunting enough to be remembered as a catchy electronic pop song! That´s why I put it on my Soundcheck (Vol. 20) from July.

You can listen to the original Album Edit here but a logical step was to transform it into a more laid back track for those who leave their live „happenings“ willing to spend the rest of the night in clubs to cool down:

Above‚ (Is Tropical Remix)


But the dance pop sound is just one aspect of what´s in store. They can also add more heavy guitars and in order to shake up a bit after being too lazy from tropical remixes. ‚JJ‚ i s a good example when it comes to giving a different picture of the electronic psychedelic coolness of Reptile Youth:


While their label is located in Hamburg meanwhile they are an international act playing shows all over the world and even the famous BBC Radio Stations have realised that Reptile Youth songs are far more than bridging the time gaps…

The future seems to be open to Reptile Youth!


Reptile Youth  Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is GoneListen to their current Album No. 2 „Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone“ on Soundcloud

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