Service Bells

Fraser Harvey

Fraser Harvey: Guitar / Vox

Of course there are a lot of great Aussie Rock Bands and Artists: AC/DC, Gotye (Wally de Backer), Jet, (who unfortuantely decided to stop making music as a band in 2012) and there are Pop Acts like Kylie Minogue or Icehouse (Iva Davies)…just to name just a few. But on the other side it´s not only tough for them to become well known artist in Australia, it´s tough for them to become a well known artist in Europe or the US.

Sometimes it´s by pure chance that I get to know artist from this area of the world. This happened with Service Bells who were formed in 2013 by Singer and Guitarist Fraser Harvey and his band mates Ben Morgan (Bass/Vox) // Mike Morgan (Guitar/Vox) // Bill Johnston (Drums) who made music / were involved with another band.

I noticed Service Bells as part of Manimal Records (who will release future Service Bells tracks) curated project „Making Patterns Rhyme (A Tribute to Duran Duran)“ where label owner Paul Beahan invited them to contribute their „dirty“ version of the Duran Duran cut and fan favorite

Anyone out there‚.

You can guess as DD fan since the 80ies I´m always curious about new, still lesser-known bands like Service Bells who are into alternative rock/post-punk music doing a cover of a 80ies pop song. And no surprise if they wouldn´t have done a great job with it you wouldn´t read this Feature. Maybe you would…but for one reason or another…

Finally: It was great to realize that you can hear their appreciation and respect when you listen to it!

But going back into 2013 there´s other music they recorded when they got started. There is a song called ‚Metropolis‚ which based on guitar riffs written long before the band was formed.


No surprise that it reminds you of Paul Banks and his Band Interpol when you listen to Fraser´s voice for the first time. The Band Interpol is one of the bands influences and there´s one thing Fraser and me have in common: we bought their latest album „El Pintor“.

Singer Fraser was kind enough to answer a few questions for a

>>> Fraser Harvey (Service Bells) Q&A for Kennzeichen E <<<

The latest track that was released a few months ago is the heavy punk rocker ‚Undertaker‚ which also appeared on my Soundcheck (Vol. 24) and that´s probably the musical direction they´re going to when it comes to their first official release.

Another favorite Track of mine is the edgy ‚Hit your Head‚ which appeared on my latest Soundcheck.

See the Band teasing their first EP which they released in Spring 2015:

After a few months spent with digging into Service Bells, looking forward to the EP you can finally listen to it

SBin it´s entirety on their Soundcloud Site

with some other cool stuff to listen to.

You can also find them on

Facebook | Twitter



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