An introduction to „Featured Artist“

Why „Artist Features“?

Fair question, because there are enough sources of information about bands and artists out there. There´s enough music to listen to and to share and stream and buy out there…

But nowadays as I often said there´s something missing: the appreciation!

In my view music is more and more considered as „fast food“ because it´s available everywhere on mobile devices and sometimes people forget that there are artist who spent weeks or months writing and producing the music. People forget how exciting it can be to wait for an album, buying it and listening to a cd or vinyl record.

Might be sorrowed talk and I´m totally aware of that the times did change and not everything´s wrong with how people get in touch with music as long as they do but I grew up spending an evening with holding a booklet in my hands reading the lyrics of the song I listened to…buying music was something to celebrate!

So today while running this Blog and listening to so much music not just in order to write about it, being in touch with a lot of great artists via social media I thought it would be cool and logical to showcase artists and music that are worth listening to.

It´s not about having a second kind of Wikipedia Page with facts. I wanted to showcase some information, surrounded by cool tracks and vids from their latest Albums and add some personal notes. That´s it!

I thought it would also be great to contact the artists tell them what I´m up to and do a short „Interview“.

So I decided to set up these „Features“ in a „Storify“ style because it gives me the opportunity to include content (Videos, Streams, Pictures, Tweets and Posts) from different social media sources e.g. Twitter, Soundcloud, Vimeo in a modern way.

Of course I could have added more content from other streaming/video sources and have more sources and content to choose from but Soundcloud and Vimeo are my favorite ones because it´s all about music and not about ads and poor sound…and finally: LESS IS MORE!

Last but not least I have to thank all the artists who participated and responded and will do (there are some other fantastic artists who said they will) and took their time which is not natural to do! I really appreciate that!

Hope everyone enjoys what I did with > FEATURED ARTISTS < and feel free to share!

Cheers, Eddi

Kennzeichen E

P.S.: Generally this is a german blog but (most of) the artists surely want to know what I´m writing about and so it made more sense to switch to english! For german speaking artists the „Features“ are in german.

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